Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

This year I started with my Christmas cards two days after they ought to have been sent. It took me three evenings after work to make all twenty. I just have to start earlier next year!
In a way I did start early, because I bought the cards in France in March and the decorations this summer. And when I was about to start I had misplaced the decorations!
Anyway, here's the Christmas cards for 2012. I'm actually quite pleased with the outcome. I have started to use more and more of cerise, which actually never have been a favourite colour of mine. The cards are embossed with four different embossing powders, that's why it took so long to get them reeady. But I think it was worth it!

Here is a close up of the different embossing powders and the embossing powder on the distressed edge of the card.

And here are the wonderful handmade cards I got this year! It is the first year I've recieved handmade cards so I was very pleased.

S5101 Raindrop Background - Hero Arts
Urban Grunge - Stampers Anonymous
Distress inks: Picked Raspberry, Worn Lipstick, Dried Marigold
Embossing powder: clear (Hero Arts), Frosted Crystals (Ranger), Weisse Diamanten (Heindesign), Psychedelic (Heindesign)
Card from Carrefour/France
Baker's twine från Granit
Old paper from a book
Acrylic Christmas trees from Dollar store

Thursday, 11 October 2012

CasaBento giveaway!

Check this wonderful giveaway at CasaBento Facebook page out! CasaBento is a French company that sells cute lunchboxes and other cute stuff.
I just love these cute cookie cutters! They actually are vegetable cutters, but imagine what cute Christmas cookies you could make with them!! I wonder if my husband would eat more veggies if made them in these cute shapes? I'd sure have to try that out too!
If you join the contest, tell them I sent you!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

World Card Making Day!

Today's World Card Making Day! I have prepared for a few Christmas cards today but most of the day was spent in the garage painting my shadow boxes/gadget shelves (don't know the english word for it). Oh, how I hate painting! The one I had was more than filled with my wooden stamps and yesterday I found another two at a flea market. I have postponed painting them for half a year already so it was about time! I have six boxes and each have 24 compartments. It took a few hours! I felt really sorry for myself, but kept thinking of how nice they will look on the wall in my craft room!

As a reward I also got to spend a few hours in my craft room! I really don't like painting!
In the latest issue of Craft Stamper there was an article about embossing Core'dination paper with chipboard shapes in a die cutting machine. The outcome was really pretty! I bought some wooden embellishments just to try this out. I found a handmade Indian paper, a little "thicker" than ordinary paper, in my shelves. I made a sandwich with the A plate, B plate, wooden embellishment, paper, embossing mat, B plate and ran it through my Cuttlebug. Painted the raised areas and stamped them with a script stamp before I removed the wooden embellishment. Simple, but yet eye catching! 
K1955 Italian Poppy - Hero Arts
Handmade paper
Wooden embellishments
Die cutting machine
Distress Ink refills
Distress Ink pads
Baker's twine

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gesso flowers

The scrapbook fair in Gävle was last saturday and I got so much inspiration! When I was trying my new things out last weekend I also tried to make some flowers with gesso. On the fair they showed how to make gesso flowers by punching out flowers from paper. I had some ugly chipboard flowers which I decided to use. I colored them with some acrylics mixed with Distress Ink and then gesso, heated them with my heat gun until they got bubbly, and voilá! They became so much prettier!

Ugly chipboard flower
Heat gun

Sunday, 30 September 2012

She had dreams

Another art journal! I really liked making these! This is made to enter Scrap-Perra's September challenge. The challenge was to be inspired by or use a newspaper. I tried to make the background to look like newspaper. I used my new Neocolor II to draw the girl and my new Dylusion mist for the background. Yeeey! I love my new stuff!


Hero Arts - G2679 Thanks
Neocolor II
Distress Ink pad, refill and stain in Black Soot
3D Crystal Glaze
White gel pen
Black glaze gel pen
Mist - Dylusions - Squeezed Orange
Mist - Perfect Pearls Mist - Mandarin
My own mist made of Distress Inks and Perfect Pearls
Template (TCW242s Mini Damask)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

John - one moustache

I made this card for my sister's best friend's son for his baptism which is today. Quite simple and was made in about 30 minutes (I had to sew! Not my cup of tea!). Love those little cute moustaches! I used a end clamps/start staples (not sure about the english here, not even sure what they are called in Swedish!) from the set In Vino Veritas from Reprint and turned this way it looks just like a moustache. The pretty striped paper is the inside of a paper bag from Gant! I like the simplicity of this card!

Reprint - RSET006 In Vino veritas
Kaisercraft - CS910 Little Man
Blue striped paper - the inside of a bag from Gant!
Ribbon - from flea market
Charm (a pacifier) - PYhobby
White embossing powder - Panduro

Friday, 28 September 2012

Kalle 30!

This simple card was made for Kalle's 30th birthday (my best friend's nephew). He likes motors and cars (and beer! But I had no such stamps!) so I wanted to try this set from Tim Holtz out. Yet another simple card. I masked a little and wanted to keep a quite plain background since I also wanted to use the little colorful embellishment in fabric. It was so simple I made three at once! Good to have when other men have their birthdays! ; )

The Journey - Stampers Anonymous
Distress Ink pad - Black Soot
Distress Ink refill - Black Soot
Fabric embellishment, probably ment to sew on clothes

Monday, 24 September 2012

I always feel like sombody's watching me

It's been another creative day today. A fellow crafter came over and we did some art journaling. This piece I made was inspired by an art journal by Papillon sur la branche who has such an inspiring blog and makes totally awesome stuff. I didn't want to copy her cute art journal entirely so I tried to make mine with a Halloween twist. The gates are stamps, the rest is drawn or painted.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

More art journaling!

Yeah, this was fun! I made another background yesterday and I continued on it today. I wanted to draw a girl in autumn clothes, falling leaves and a scarf and her hair blowing in the wind. The title 'the heat is on' refers to that I turned the heat on today. Usually I do it much later than this but it is so darn cold inside now, 15°C! This summer has been so cold and rainy and both my husband and I have had the flu recently. The heat is on!

I've used acrylics, oil pastels, metallic acrylic (the scarf), black and green ink, a pencil and a black pen.

Friday, 21 September 2012

My first art journal

Inspired by my talented friend and all talented people on the Internet I decided to have a go at art journaling. It just looks like so much fun! It sure was fun, too, but it was a bit difficult to let go and try not to be a perfectionist. I read somewhere yesterday on the net that art journaling isn't about getting a perfect result but to develop as an artist. Well, let's try that!

My first page is inspired by the fact that the autumn is here and yesterday I surrendered (the title!) and started making room for the plants I need to winter indoors. As we are having a very green autumn (so far) it felt natural to use only green colors. I've used distress ink refills, acrylics, bleech, a mist and a regular black pen.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Niklas & Elias - two moustaches

This wedding card was so much fun to make! I'm so very proud that my friend E wanted me to make it. Niklas and Elias actually got married some time ago but the party is today. May you live happily ever after! I'm so happy for your sake! Weddings are special, a gay wedding is even more special!

I knew that I wanted to have two moustaches and then I wanted the card to be super romantic. The moustaches are made by stamping with glue and then adding foil. I have been experimenting with foil and glue and haven't exactly gotten a pleasing result but with this solid stamp it worked quite well. I love the gold shimmer on the moustaches! Then I wanted a sentiment and actually found a stamp with 'mon homme' (my man). Could it have been more perfekt for a gay wedding?! Niklas also happens to have studied french! The card is quite simple, still I like it very much.


Reprint - RSET006 In vino veritas
Les Editions Infocrea - LTM-0060
My Mind's Eye - Lost & Found Two - Blush "Sweet" Bouquet Paper
Lace from flea market
Rings from Panduro
Foil and glue

Friday, 31 August 2012

Dark, but darn cute!

I just can't believe that it already is the 31st of August! Where did the summer go? Or summer (?), I don't even think we had one in Sweden. What supposed to have been the summer has been very cold and rainy.
I really thought that I would have been more crafty on my summer vacation as well, but I probably needed the rest. I've been working for two weeks already but last week I cought a cold, not so very strange in this weather! I basically have been in bed or in front of the tv the whole week. It is not until today I ended up in my craft room. And that is because yesterday I read about a fun challenge on Lisa's blog b.creative. The challenge was DARKNESS, Lisa wanted us to step out of our comfort zone and look into the darkness of our souls! Hmmm!
I love challenges! It is so much fun to make something which is not your style. Here's my go at that challenge! I am quite dark actually, but I just looove everything cute!

The spider web is made out of wire. It was quite easy to make but it would have been a lot easier if I hade a pair of pliers. I really liked to work with the colors black, white and red, just like in the challenge from Svensk Scrapbooking, and I thought that it would suit this one too. It was hard to take a good picture since the white card is pearlescent.

Moth Fab - Stampotique
PM541886 (Flower4) - Prima Marketing
Small Pinwheel Posie - Memory box
Distress Ink - Black Soot
Tiny Alphas Stickers - Kaisercraft
Cross - Dollarstore
Baker's twine
Micro beads

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I recently bought my first stamp from Stampotique, Moth Fab. I didn't like these quirky stamps in the beginning but have grown to love them! I am an avid reader of Craft Stamper and have seen quite a lot of projects using these stamps. They often have a very colorful background and I simply thought "Color!" when I thought of what to do with the stamp. And then I thought "Bleach!". Here's the outcome!

I used mists to color the paper. I don't have a lot of them so I made my own pink mist by using Distress Inks and Perfect Pearls. I tried to mix my own Picked Raspberry (since I haven't gotten around buying it yet) by mixing Worn Lipstick and Barn Door. It doesn´t look anything like Picked Raspberry! And then I just added bleach to the stamped image! Simple, and quite striking, if I might say so!

The card is in the shape of a bookmark since I promised to buy my sister a book for her birthday. We were abroad that day and I have actually forgotten all about it for months! I gave her this bracelet (at the bottom of the photo) for her namesday and on the same occation I told her that the book finally was ordered. I think I'm getting old! I tried to get the same shine to the sentiment ("she was a brave girl") as the bracelet so I used a nail polish that makes the nails more white (it has a bluish sheen to it).

On the picture you can also see a favourite plant of mine. Don't know the name of it, but it is super easy to grow and I have plants in almost every room of my house!

We celebrated the birthday of my sisters boyfriend the same day, so he got a bookmark card as well. Yep! We got him alcohol! I wrapped it up the american way! A bottle of Absolute Vodka, but I didn't have any vodka stamps so I used wine stamps instead. He likes wine, too! I used Distress Ink Refills to make the background (Dried Marigold and Pumice Stone, which is a favourite combination of mine), Distress Ink Pad to stamp the wine opener which I then embossed. The wine stains is Distress Stains!

My sisters boyfriend is very interested in vehicles in all kinds and he keeps them spotless. He polishes them a lot obviously. Still he could't guess what I have tied to the bookmark! (He might have been confused with the hearts I tied in it!). Don't know the english word for it, but it might be polishing tangles (look at the picture below!).

polishing tangles???

Friday, 27 July 2012

Happy Name Day, Martha Stewart!

Happy Name Day, Martha Stewart! (It's Marta in Sweden today)
Yesterday a friend of mine brought me the new crafter's clay from Martha Stewart from her trip to the states. I have tried moulds and paper clay from Panduro before and thought that this was going to be just about the same. No! The clay is absolutely wonderful to work with! It even smells nice! It is super smooth and silky and leaves no threads like the paper clay I used before. I started using it already yesterday evening and the pieces I made don't feel dry and fragile like the paper clay, they have more of a rubbery feel to them and are bendable! I really like the clay! The only bad thing about it is that I soon have to get some more!!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Midsommarcrop 22 juni - 1 juli!

Oj, vilken rolig och hektisk vecka jag har haft! Svensk scrapbooking har anordnat en midsommarcrop som började på midsommarafton och slutar idag kl 23:59. Tyvärr jobbar jag fortfarande och just nu innan semestern så har vi extra mycket att göra, så jag har varit trött när jag har kommit hem. Jag hade velat prova på alla utmaningarna men tiden räckte inte till. Men här är de jag hann!

1 LO – Skiss:
Inspireras av skissen nedan när du skapar din LO, det ska synas att skissen ligger till grund för ditt alster.
(Skiss av Ulrika MacGregor)

Förmodligen så var det tänkt att man skulle skapa en LO, men eftersom jag inte har kommit igång med med scrapbooking än så fick det bli en mixed media-tavla. Jag har följt skissen nästan exakt eftersom det är första gången jag följer en skiss och dessutom så tyckte jag att skissen var fin som den var. Fyrkanterna under blommorna är klippta ur gamla böcker; en fransk bok, en med gammal snirklig svensk text och en med noter. På dem har jag stämplat cirklar med fransk text och till sist målat rosor. I rosornas mitt har jag strött micro beads. Fantastisk produkt, det där! Jag använder det på nästan allt nu! Textstämpeln med de fina orden från Första korinterbrevet ("...och störst av dem är kärleken") är stämplat på en servett och sedan ditmålad. De gröna (grön akrylfärg + vernis scintillant) bladen runt rosorna är en hjärtstämpel. Till sist så kände jag att jag var tvungen att stänka dit lite mer grön färg och nästan allt på skrivbordet blev grönprickigt!

Tavla - 10 :- på City Gross (en förritad för barn)
Vit akrylfärg
Rosa akrylfärg - Venus från Rusta
Grön akrylfärg - Honeydew, Making Memories
Vernis scintillant - Diams (glitterlack)
Rosa glittrig ståltråd
Chipboardhjärtan - Bokia
Boksidor från gamla böcker
P-07191211 - barbara, Heindesign
A2126 Happy heart - Hero Arts
LTM-0060 - Les Editions Infocrea

2 LO – Skiss:
Inspireras av skissen nedan när du skapar din LO, det ska synas att skissen ligger till grund för ditt alster.
(Skiss av Ulrika MacGregor)

Det var så himla roligt att göra tavlan i utmaning nr 1 så jag jag fortsatte på samma tema av bara farten. Min man har dessutom tjatat länge om tavlor att sätta upp på sitt kontor och han kunde ju inte bara ha en, tänkte jag. Men han tyckte att de blev för söta... Jag kan väl hålla med att de inte blev särskilt "killiga" ; )
Jag såg de nio rutorna i utmaningen och mina rutor är rutor från boksidor, från textstämpeln och två stycken stämplar med hjärtan. Jag har målat chipboardshjärtana med ett tjockt lager akrylfärg och sedan stämplat dem med en bokstavsstämpel som jag har duttat lite på en stämpeldyna först.

Tavla - 10 :- på City Gross (en förritad för barn)
Vit akrylfärg
Rosa akrylfärg - Venus från Rusta
Grön akrylfärg - Honeydew, Making Memories
Vernis scintillant - Diams (glitterlack)
Rosa glittrig ståltråd
Chipboardhjärtan - Bokia
Boksidor från gamla böcker
P-07191211 - barbara, Heindesign
A2126 Happy heart - Hero Arts

3 Kort – Skiss:
Inspireras av skissen nedan när du skapar ditt kort, det ska synas att skissen ligger till grund för ditt alster.
(Skiss av Ulrika MacGregor)

Det här var den första utmaningen jag gav mig på. Av någon outgrundlig anledning så tänkte jag på flugstämpeln, som följde med det söta stämpelkitet från Prima, som jag aaaaldrig trodde jag skulle använda! Flugor!?!??!! Cirklarna är gjorda efter ett runt lock som mall och sedan för att få lite rörelse i cirklarna så använde jag en swirlig stämpel ("röken" efter ett flygplan) från ett annat kit. Flugorna är stämplade i svart och embossade med genomskinligt EP. Jag provade många varianter (svart EP, svartglittrigt EP, etc) innan jag blev nöjd med glansen på flugorna. Flugor?!??!!!

MATERIAL:Mönstrat papper - Trés Jolie, My Mind's Eye (framsida och baksida)
Svart stämpelfärg
Embossingpulver, genomskinligt
Stickles, Black Diamond
Distress Marker, Broken China
Distress Ink Pad, Broken China
Stans - Martha Stewart
Mini Little Man (KCCS910 ) - KaiserKraft (swirl)
555030 - Prima marketing (flugan)

6 Kort – Den röda blomstertid nu kommer:
Skapa ett kort i enbart svart och vitt med minst 3 blommor på. Dessa blommor skall vara röda och är det enda som får vara i färg på ditt kort. Tema och form väljer du fritt.

Jag tänkte genast på mina nyss köpta Lilla Annas mamma- och Lilla Annas pappa-stämplar. Lilla Annas mamma och pappa är färglagda med svart Distress Marker, utklippta och fästa på kuddar. Jag har gjort en brudbukett genom att dutta Distress Stains och stämpla en blomma från mitt favorit-set genom en mall (rund cirkel i ett papper). Lilla Annas mamma har fått bling som en ring. Jag har inga roliga dies som jag kan göra tjusiga hål med så jag improviserade med en die från QuicKutz Jolly-set. Det blev inte så tokigt! Rött är inte min färg, men den här utmaningen var himla rolig att göra!

Rött mönsterpapper med sammet - okänt märke
Distress Stain - Fired Brick
Distress marker - Black Soot
Distress Ink Pad - Black Soot
Micro beads, transparanta
Small Pinwheel Posie - Memory box
Jolly - Quickutz
0099 Lilla Annas pappa - PaperMaze
0098 Lilla Annas mamma - Papermaze
Pom - Basicgrey
PM541886 (Flower4) - Prima Marketing

7 Alter – Mörkare tider:
Det sägs ju att det är runt midsommar det vänder och vi går mot mörkare tider. Därför drömmer vi oss bort mot just mörkare tider i den här utmaningen. Håll tankarna och inspirationen kring skumma höstkvällar med mys framför brasan och altra ett ljus. Tema, form och färg väljer du fritt.

För mig så är ljus ingen prydnad utan de ska användas. Jag har smält ned stearin i urdiskade glasburkar och knytit fast en tag. Jag har limmat på spillbitar från utmaning 1 och 2.
Jag tänker använda ljuslyktorna som placeringskort senare i höst, och därför har jag inte textat namnen än. Vet ju inte vilka som ska få komma på min mysiga middag!


Tomma glasburkar
Gamla ljusrester
Veke på rulle
Gamla böcker

8 Alter – Blommor till tusen:
Vad vore väl en midsommar utan blommor. Till det här projektet vill vi att du klär en flaska i blommigt tema. Välj själv form, färg och antal blommor men var inte rädd för att överdriva. Det kan inte bli för mycket blommor till den här utmaningen.

Jag har precis gjort av med det sista ur en leave in conditioner-flaska. Det har slagit mig hela tiden vad bra den sprejar så när den var slut så fyllde jag den med vatten och tog in den i min hörna. Den var ju faktiskt ganska ful att ha stå där, så det var ganska självklart vilken flaska jag skulle altra i den här utmaningen! Jag har stämplat på blommorna och sedan klistrat fast dem på flaskan med en limpistol. Jag har också fått en stor brännblåsa i tummen. Jäklarns, vad hett limmet var! Slutligen flera lager glitterlack innan jag limmade på strasstenarna.

Pappersblommor (tre olika sorter)
Gröna strasstenar
Vernis scintillant - Diams (glitterlack)
Adirondack - Lettuce
Memories, Hero Arts - Soft Celery
S1834 Raindrops and Swirls - Hero Arts
P-07191211 - barbara, Heindesign

Monday, 18 June 2012

The Bandana Technique (try no 2)

Yep! I liked this colorful technique! I just had to make another batch of cards! This time I knew which stamps to use, which one I was making the card for and I also had all the material so the cards were made in an afternoon.

I bought this awesome set of stamps by Stampers Anonymous a long time ago because my best friend V (and I!) loves popcorn! I was so happy to finally find some use for them!

I accidentally used some other Distress Inks for these backgrounds. I prefer the lighter colors in my previous post but I think these go with the movie theme quite well. I also did the cards the other way around this time since I wanted the popcorn to be yellow - I stamped and masked the images first and then blended the Distress Inks where I wanted them. I added some highlight to the popcorn with the Distress Markers and on the card for my best friend I highlighted the numbers 4 and 1 since she just turned 41. Unfortunately the stamp doesn't have the number 0 on it, otherwise it would have been a good stamp for the even birthdays. This time I also distressed the edges with black ink, I forgot it on my first try!

A close up of the highlighted numbers in my best friend's card.

My cat Curry on the vernissage on the bathroom floor!!

Stampers Anonymous (At the Movies CMS081)
Distress Inks: Fired Brick, Mustard Seed, Dusty Concord
Distress Markers: Picket Fence, Antique Linen
Stickles: Black Diamond
3D Diamond Glaze
Transparent small beads

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Bandana technique (try no 1)

This is also a technique I never would have tried if it weren't for my crafty crew. It is way too colorful for me! One of the girls posted a YouTube video in our Facebook group. I think we all just had to try it! And yes, I actually liked it!

In the YouTube video RachO113 uses StazOn but when I googled on the technique a lot of people also uses Distress Inks. And since I'm a Distress Ink fan I decided to use them instead.

In my first try I blended the Distress Inks together on a piece of paper before I stamped on it. I didn't mind where the different colors would be, I just wanted a colorful background. I also sprayed the background with water to make the Distress Inks react. I started stamping the focal stamp and then I masked the different stamps and continued until I was pleased with the outcome. I used 3D Crystal Glaze and some small plastic beads to highlight the cat and then I added som black Stickles.

These cards took a while to make because not one of my five (!) white gel pens worked so I had to buy a new one. And when I finally had bought a new white gel pen I needed some black Stickles! I also wanted to sew a little on the cards so I had to clean my craft room in order to have a place to put the sewing machine. I probably have worked on these cards for a month or so!!

Från Kylskåp
I just didn´t know what sentiment to put on these colorful cards so I added some fridge poetry to them. I havn't glued it yet since I might want to change it. This one says "from fridge"!

Fira super kompis
"Celebrate super friend", this is the only sentiment that makes sense but since I don´t know who to send the card to I haven't glued this sentiment to the card either.

Frack Snack
"Dress suit chat" - still can change the sentiment!

Chat Noir - No idea! Plese tell me if you recognice it!!
Leaf veins - No idea! Plese tell me if you recognice it!!
Flower stamp - No idea! Plese tell me if you recognice it!!
Big paw - Aladine Atelier (B00753)
Small paw - Stampendous (Tiny Paw AA017)
Mesh - Hero Arts (Delicate Wown Fibers F3309)
Text - Hero Arts (Thanks G2679)
Distress Ink: Mustard Seed, Barn Door, Faded jeans
Distress Stains: Barn Door
Black scalloped velvet ribbon - Papperalla
Fridge poetry - from flea market
White gel pen
Stickles: Black Diamond
3D Crystal Glaze
Black plastic beads

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

"Fy faaan vad jag är bra!"

...eller i alla fall min mans systerson V som tar studenten idag! Han har utbildat sig till plåtslagare och vad passar då bättre än ett metallkort?!
Metalltejp har väl inte riktigt varit min stil men jag kände nästan att jag var tvungen till det här kortet. Och det var ju faktiskt ganska roligt! Ville inte fläska på med romantiska saker utan jag höll en ganska stram färgskala. Röd/vit baker's twine står för färgklicken. De där snörena är ju ganska söta!
Boken som kortet står på en är bonuspresent (presenten är körkortspengar) - 'Snyggt - en stilguide för män' av Per Nilsson. Och utan att tänka på det så matchar ju kortet även den rätt bra!


Studentmössa- Reprint

Svarta blommor - YouDo
Metalltejp - Biltema
Svart akrylfärg - Rusta
Baker's twine - inredningsaffär

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Förvaring för Distress Ink Refills!

Just nu säljer Rusta den här lilla lådan (39:-) som förmodligen är tänkt att ha plantor i, jag tänkte något heeelt annat! Precis alla mina 36 refiller gick i lådan. Ska förmodligen köpa åtminstone en till. Har ännu inte hunnit köpa refillerna till limited edition-färgerna och det kommer säkert att komma fler färger. Om det inte blir lika fullt i lådorna så finns det plats att stoppa ner min Ink Blending Tool (svenska för den??!) och skumgummikuddarna. Hade också tänkt att måla den vit, men just nu får den duga som den är!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Veckans loppisfynd!

I helgen var jag och min kompis J till Storvik för att handla blommor. Vi råkade pricka in Big Bay-festivalen och vi upptäckte också ett gemensamt loppisintresse! Det slutade med att vi bara hade 20 minuter på stället vi egentligen hade planerat att åka till! Bergabacken, som jag egentligen kan strosa en hel dag på! Nåväl, det blev en mycket trevlig dag ändå och jag fyndade en riktig skatt på loppisarna!
  • Bibelcitatstavlor - ser ut att vara ganska gamla. Står nu i min hall i väntan på utplacering.
  • En gammal biljettrulle - till scrapbooking.
  • Läderstuvbitar - till scrapbooking.
  • En fakir - som man använder till snittblommor men man kan även ställa kort i den och det är det jag ska göra!
  • Ett rosa pressglasfat - till mitt nydekorerade kök!
  • Två gröna pressglasljusstakar - ska också få stå i mitt nydekorerade kök!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Mini album with pockets!

It has been an awesome weekend! Saturday was spent at a scrapbooking fair not far from where I live. As I don't live close to any scrapbooking shop it's like Christmas everytime that fair is arranged! I think there were six or seven companies that participated. One of them sold Distress Ink pads and refills really cheap! I took all I could get my hands on! And now when I finally have all the refills I just saw that Ranger released refills to the limited edition pads. Oh well...

Sunday we had another crop. This time P was going to show us how to make a mini album out of one sheet of 12 x 12 paper (here's the tutorial). Wow! It was so fun! I will sure make more of these! Unfortunately we all felt kind of tired after the scrapbooking fair so we weren't very creative at the crop. But I got so inspired when I got home so I finished it yesterday evening.

Here is the front. I used a paper from American Traditional Designs: Elegant Wedding - Earthtones. The stamp is from Glitz: GS2389 Love Nest Bird Cage Stamp. Flowers from Reprint, bling from Storyteller and charms bought at Dollarstore (a Swedish shop). The tape I used is a cheap stationary tape I bought at Ö&B (another Swedish shop), it's kind of transparent white. I like it! I used four Distress Inks: Pumice Stone, Dried Marigold, Spiced Marmalade and Ripe Persimmon.

Stamps from Basicgrey:aviary, my handwriting, bling from Panduro and a border punch from Martha Stewart. I don't know the name of it since I borrowed it at the crop. I made a tag out of a scrap piece of paper. Stamped it with Flower 4 (PM541886) from Prima Marketing and inked the edges. I used a Distress Marker: Picket Fence, to make two flowes white. This mini album will be a birthday card and I'm going to write the greeting on this tag.

Tiny Alpha Stickers from Kaisercraft under a plastic sticker from Panduro. The bird is painted with Crackle Accents (bought it at the fair, I'm in love with it already!!). Martha Stewart punch: Doily Lace. The tag is made from a masterboard I created at the crop a while ago (yes! I've been into orange for a while now!!). The lyrics are from a song from ABBA, one of my favourite ABBA songs.

Alphabet stamps from Studio G, The flower is from Prima Marketing Paisley Road 1 (PM542030). I borrowed the Friends Forever stamp and the Martha Stewart punch.

Paper clip from Ordning & Reda. The tag is stamped with Paisley Road 2 (PM542047) från Prima Marketing. The Martha Stewart punch and the stamp with the roses is borrowed. The lyric is from a song by Marie Fredriksson of Roxette.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

"They're here!"

To quote Carol Anne from Poltergeist, "They're here"! But I'm not talking about poltergeists, I'm talking about my longed-for Distess Markers which I ordered like two months ago. I can't wait to try them out! I also ordered the limited edition of the Distress Ink pads in the autumn colors. And the ribbon - it's the bonus for the long and patient waiting! Hmm. But I'll tell you, I haven't been very patient!!! Tomorrow's schedule is rearranged!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

ATC monochromatic + bling

Yesterday we had our fourth crop and I participated in my third ATC swap. I missed the last crop and the swap since I've been abroad for a month, hence the silence here on my blog as well. The theme this time was monochromatic + bling. I really, really enjoy these swaps! ATC's are so fun to make and so fun to recieve! ATC's was something I never thougth that I would do!

My ATC is the orange one to the left in the top row. The color orange came naturally since I spent the last month in Spain and I've seen so many orange trees. We also spent an awful night in a horrible hotel and the room's name was 'naranja' (orange in spanish). The sentiment "Hem ljuva hem" means "Home sweet home" and even though I love travelling I just love to come home!

In Spain I found a wine with the same name as on a system at my work. It was a given gift to my collegues since they have worked so hard while I've been away. When I came home from the crop I made som tags to go with the bottles. I borrowed the die from a friend and I love it! I have to get one of my own! My collegues were really happy to recieve the gift today!