Friday, 31 January 2014

Life Book 2014 - week 3

The third week of LB2014 was a main lession: Creativity & play with Carla Sonheim. It consisted of seven creativity exercises in order to create more freely and not getting hung up on 'perfection'. And an envelope pocket to store what we created in.
The exercises were One-Liners, Eyes-Closed Zebras, Wrong-Handed Knick Knacks, Imaginary Flowers, Animals in Tape, Found Poetry, and Blob Animals. I had so much fun! I will sure have use of what I learned later on. It was so freeing to create like this! Loved the lession!

Pastel colour: green, brown
Watercolours: red, white, green
Spray fixative
Tim Holtz Tissue Tape
Masking tape
Staedtler Pigment Liner 0,8
Page from old book

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Life Book 2014 - week 2

The second week of LB2014 is a bonus lession: A happy affirmation with Micki Wilde (The Secret Hermite). She challenged us to work with grey's and neon colors. We were also going to chose a Word for 2014. I chose bliss! I want bliss in 2014.
Normally I don't use a lot of grey but, as usual, I really liked to try something new. I'm not in love with arrows so I made hearts instead. You can either think of them as arrows pointing into the circle or as hearts spreading from the circle.

Gelatos: Squid Ink, Silver Ice, Earl Grey, Coconut
PanPastel: Paynes Grey Tint
TCW381s: Mini Quatrefoil
Chalk Markers; yellow, green, blue, Purple
Adirondack Acrypil Paint Dabber: Lake Mist

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Life Book 2014 - week 1

The first week with Life Book 2014 has been just awesome! The first lession was by Tamara Laporte and we were to create our Inner Artist Guardian after a meditation. I knew that my Inner Artist Guardian was going to give me a color (I wanted it to be purple, orange and white) and a word (I wanted it to be 'accept') for this year to come. Nothing much happened during the meditation but just after the color petrol and the word 'heal' came to me. In order to heal I have to accept so I used both words.

I enjoyed the building of this painting in different layers. It has showed me that the first layer doesn't have to be perfect, it is something that I can adjust later in the process.
I had so much fun creating my Guardian Angel! I have been thinking of the song Guardian Angel by Nino de Angelo during the whole process. Oh, how  I used to love this song! And how I used to love Nino de Angelo! ;-)
Really, really good first lession!

My Inner Artist Guardian!

Starting with the background
Some shading and some collage
First layer of the face

The first sketch

Watercolor paper - Moulin du Coq 325 g/m²
Pencils, different kinds
Neocolor II - Salmon, Salmon pink, Azurite Blue, Malachite Green
Distress Paints - Chipped Sapphire, Seedless Preserve, Moved Lawn

(to the face a mix of Wild Honey, Victorian Velvet, Antique Linen and some white acrylic)
Gelatos - Metallic Mint
Gesso, white
Mod Podge

Posca - white, black
Gel pen, white
Liquitex - Light Molding Paste
Diams - Vernis scintillant
Distress Ink - Black Soot
Stencil - TCW325s - Mini Swirl Garden

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Life Book 2014 - warm up exercise

I'm so happy, I got Life Book 2014 for Christmas! It was all I wished for, and I got it! I knew that I was going to get it because my husband spoils me! And ok, I did a bit of nagging too! I also sat beside him when he ordered it! ; )
I have been waiting for this online class since last summer when I read about the Life Book 2013. I'm not good at catching up so I decided to wait and see if there was going to be a Life Book 2014. And now finally, I'm going to do the Life Book! I am super excited, because I know it's going to change my life!

Anyhow, I haven't done the first lession yet. This is only the warm up exercise. And I think it's was a nice start! It's going to be a marvellous year!

Watercolor paper - Moulin du Coq 325 g/m²
Neocolor II - Ice Blue, Violet, White
Distress Paints - Chipped Sapphire, Seedless Preserve
Duga - Dynasty Pewter
Gesso, white
Mod Podge
Staedtler permanent pen, black
Page from music book (first heart)
Old lamp-shade (second heart)