Friday, 15 November 2013

'Take the challenge' - November - all my projects...

The challenge over at Faber Castell in November was to show any project you are working on and this was an easy one! Boy, do I have projects in my craft room?! ; )

This is a mould for sponge cakes but it has a small hole in it so it is useless for baking. In an issue of Craft Stamper there was an article about making candle light holders with tins, Alco Inks, glitter and sequins and this is how far I've gotten. In Sweden we use candlesticks with four candles and light one candle each Advent. A very pretty tradition! Thought that I could stick four candles in this mould and fill it up with salt so it looks like snow. Could be very pretty, or could be very tacky! We'll see! ; )

This might be the beginning of my Christmas cards, I haven't decided yet! I bought this set - for children! - because there was a mould for making envelopes, which is quite unusual to find in paper making sets. I made a bunch just to try it out! It was fun!

These are two bags - for children again! (what is wrong with me?!) - I bought at the flea market. I plan to alter them. The spotted bag is in some kind of fabric and quite cute just as it is. I'll probably just stick some flowers and charms to it. The bag with skulls is in paper and I don't like it at all. I will cover it completely.

Oh, dear. I have been cleaning in one corner of the house just to leave the things piled up in another corner in the house. The blue labels are to put on envelopes from back when I was writing letters. They will go in to my art journal. One day. The alphabet stickers are to put on a suitcase, will also be used in my art journal, one day, as well as the wine label (Peacock - a really nice white wine and with such a pretty label!). One day.
I don't remember neither the English word nor the Swedish word for the squares at the bottom of the photo. It's like a chart with colors that you take from the shop when you can't decide what color to paint with. These are white and I thought of using them for the Christmas cards. Just have to nick a few more! ; )

These are Pringles tubes which I plan to make boxes to keep candle-ends in. In our summerhouse we have a special candlestick to put candle-ends in. I guess this is something typical Swedish too because when I tried to google it I couldn't find something in English.

On top of my Katy Crane calender challenge, which I still have from may until now to finnish (sigh...), there are small wooden cutting boards. My uncle gave them to my other uncle to put into the fire but my father rescued them for me! I'm thinking of painting them black and writing some recipies in white, maybe like a chalkboard. Could be really nice!

And finally, this is what I started working today, inspired by what Mou showed in the November challenge. We are getting ...ehum... three kittens over the next few weeks and these are art journals, one for each kitten, to help me to find names for them. I haven't gotten so far yet but will continue tomorrow, though it's just about time to find names for them. We have one Alice, one Bea and one Curry. Thought of finding names on D, E and F, just for the fun of it! ; )