Thursday, 11 October 2012

CasaBento giveaway!

Check this wonderful giveaway at CasaBento Facebook page out! CasaBento is a French company that sells cute lunchboxes and other cute stuff.
I just love these cute cookie cutters! They actually are vegetable cutters, but imagine what cute Christmas cookies you could make with them!! I wonder if my husband would eat more veggies if made them in these cute shapes? I'd sure have to try that out too!
If you join the contest, tell them I sent you!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

World Card Making Day!

Today's World Card Making Day! I have prepared for a few Christmas cards today but most of the day was spent in the garage painting my shadow boxes/gadget shelves (don't know the english word for it). Oh, how I hate painting! The one I had was more than filled with my wooden stamps and yesterday I found another two at a flea market. I have postponed painting them for half a year already so it was about time! I have six boxes and each have 24 compartments. It took a few hours! I felt really sorry for myself, but kept thinking of how nice they will look on the wall in my craft room!

As a reward I also got to spend a few hours in my craft room! I really don't like painting!
In the latest issue of Craft Stamper there was an article about embossing Core'dination paper with chipboard shapes in a die cutting machine. The outcome was really pretty! I bought some wooden embellishments just to try this out. I found a handmade Indian paper, a little "thicker" than ordinary paper, in my shelves. I made a sandwich with the A plate, B plate, wooden embellishment, paper, embossing mat, B plate and ran it through my Cuttlebug. Painted the raised areas and stamped them with a script stamp before I removed the wooden embellishment. Simple, but yet eye catching! 
K1955 Italian Poppy - Hero Arts
Handmade paper
Wooden embellishments
Die cutting machine
Distress Ink refills
Distress Ink pads
Baker's twine

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gesso flowers

The scrapbook fair in Gävle was last saturday and I got so much inspiration! When I was trying my new things out last weekend I also tried to make some flowers with gesso. On the fair they showed how to make gesso flowers by punching out flowers from paper. I had some ugly chipboard flowers which I decided to use. I colored them with some acrylics mixed with Distress Ink and then gesso, heated them with my heat gun until they got bubbly, and voilá! They became so much prettier!

Ugly chipboard flower
Heat gun