Friday, 21 September 2012

My first art journal

Inspired by my talented friend and all talented people on the Internet I decided to have a go at art journaling. It just looks like so much fun! It sure was fun, too, but it was a bit difficult to let go and try not to be a perfectionist. I read somewhere yesterday on the net that art journaling isn't about getting a perfect result but to develop as an artist. Well, let's try that!

My first page is inspired by the fact that the autumn is here and yesterday I surrendered (the title!) and started making room for the plants I need to winter indoors. As we are having a very green autumn (so far) it felt natural to use only green colors. I've used distress ink refills, acrylics, bleech, a mist and a regular black pen.


  1. Very awesome! Thanks for sharing <3

  2. Thanks for looking, PJ! And thank you for the inspiration! <3 I think I'm hooked to art journaling as well now! I'm so happy that I met you guys! <3


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