Saturday, 8 September 2012

Niklas & Elias - two moustaches

This wedding card was so much fun to make! I'm so very proud that my friend E wanted me to make it. Niklas and Elias actually got married some time ago but the party is today. May you live happily ever after! I'm so happy for your sake! Weddings are special, a gay wedding is even more special!

I knew that I wanted to have two moustaches and then I wanted the card to be super romantic. The moustaches are made by stamping with glue and then adding foil. I have been experimenting with foil and glue and haven't exactly gotten a pleasing result but with this solid stamp it worked quite well. I love the gold shimmer on the moustaches! Then I wanted a sentiment and actually found a stamp with 'mon homme' (my man). Could it have been more perfekt for a gay wedding?! Niklas also happens to have studied french! The card is quite simple, still I like it very much.


Reprint - RSET006 In vino veritas
Les Editions Infocrea - LTM-0060
My Mind's Eye - Lost & Found Two - Blush "Sweet" Bouquet Paper
Lace from flea market
Rings from Panduro
Foil and glue

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  1. Superfint(så klart ;)och nu vill jag se insidan!!!
    Kram Ulle


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