Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I recently bought my first stamp from Stampotique, Moth Fab. I didn't like these quirky stamps in the beginning but have grown to love them! I am an avid reader of Craft Stamper and have seen quite a lot of projects using these stamps. They often have a very colorful background and I simply thought "Color!" when I thought of what to do with the stamp. And then I thought "Bleach!". Here's the outcome!

I used mists to color the paper. I don't have a lot of them so I made my own pink mist by using Distress Inks and Perfect Pearls. I tried to mix my own Picked Raspberry (since I haven't gotten around buying it yet) by mixing Worn Lipstick and Barn Door. It doesn´t look anything like Picked Raspberry! And then I just added bleach to the stamped image! Simple, and quite striking, if I might say so!

The card is in the shape of a bookmark since I promised to buy my sister a book for her birthday. We were abroad that day and I have actually forgotten all about it for months! I gave her this bracelet (at the bottom of the photo) for her namesday and on the same occation I told her that the book finally was ordered. I think I'm getting old! I tried to get the same shine to the sentiment ("she was a brave girl") as the bracelet so I used a nail polish that makes the nails more white (it has a bluish sheen to it).

On the picture you can also see a favourite plant of mine. Don't know the name of it, but it is super easy to grow and I have plants in almost every room of my house!

We celebrated the birthday of my sisters boyfriend the same day, so he got a bookmark card as well. Yep! We got him alcohol! I wrapped it up the american way! A bottle of Absolute Vodka, but I didn't have any vodka stamps so I used wine stamps instead. He likes wine, too! I used Distress Ink Refills to make the background (Dried Marigold and Pumice Stone, which is a favourite combination of mine), Distress Ink Pad to stamp the wine opener which I then embossed. The wine stains is Distress Stains!

My sisters boyfriend is very interested in vehicles in all kinds and he keeps them spotless. He polishes them a lot obviously. Still he could't guess what I have tied to the bookmark! (He might have been confused with the hearts I tied in it!). Don't know the english word for it, but it might be polishing tangles (look at the picture below!).

polishing tangles???


  1. FIINT som allt du gör Anna :) Växten du nämde i förbigående är en Rhipsalis, du kan få skott på en annan sort som är min favvo om du vill? Ulle

  2. Thank you Ulle! =) *blushing*
    I don't agree with you though, so I had to google. I think my plant is a Hatiora salicornioides! But I would like some cuttings of your favourite rhipsalis! ; ) Did I give you cuttings of this one? Would you like some?

  3. De är jättefina alster båda två jag gillar verkligen blekningen...vad hade du fått inspiration till det?

  4. Tack Leena! Förmodligen från tidningen jag nämnde, det också. Himla bra tidning det där! Det var en lätt teknik, bara att stryka ut klorinet med en tops. Och mista är ju inte särskilt svårt det heller! Och ändå blir resultatet så snyggt! Prova!


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