Friday, 27 July 2012

Happy Name Day, Martha Stewart!

Happy Name Day, Martha Stewart! (It's Marta in Sweden today)
Yesterday a friend of mine brought me the new crafter's clay from Martha Stewart from her trip to the states. I have tried moulds and paper clay from Panduro before and thought that this was going to be just about the same. No! The clay is absolutely wonderful to work with! It even smells nice! It is super smooth and silky and leaves no threads like the paper clay I used before. I started using it already yesterday evening and the pieces I made don't feel dry and fragile like the paper clay, they have more of a rubbery feel to them and are bendable! I really like the clay! The only bad thing about it is that I soon have to get some more!!


  1. Love what you did there. Great job with the colors.

  2. Thanks Petra! And thank you so much again for bringing it home to me! It's super fun to use! I wonder if you can color the clay with Distress Inks instead of the colored clay? I know what to try tomorrow!! ; )


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