Sunday, 19 February 2012

My first ATC swap!

I had such a great day yesterday at the scrap meeting! I can't believe that I've finally found some scrapbookers/card makers/art journalers/crafty people in my small hometown! We were between 20 - 50 years old and some had been rubberstamping since 20 years (me!) and one girl just started last december! And although that difference in age and "experience" we had so much to talk about!! I had a blast! Can't wait until the next meeting!

Yeah, I bought my first three stamps actually 20 years ago! It was in an home decor shop in a small English village and they had some stamps from All Night Media. I bought a cat hanging from a heartshaped balloon (still got it!), a frog (still got it, but damaged) and a worm peeking out from a hole (damaged and thrown away). And a black ink pad!! I wasn't very advanced then!
The next time I came across rubber stamps were many years later in a shop in Rome. I think it was a home decor shop as well. I bought two stamps with roses and a gold ink pad!! Still not very advanced!
I think the first shops that sold rubber stamps came to Sweden around 2003, at least that is when I found them! They weren't scrapbooking shops but shops that sold other tings and had a few shelves with rubber stamps. Two in Gothenburg and two in Stockholm! We have a bit more now! But still no one close to where I live, so everytime we go somewhere I always try to find out if we will pass a scrapbooking shop! And my husband is experienced so he will bring a book so he can sit and read in the car!



The ATC swap!
(Look at the gorgeous chocolate pastry
made out of FIMO clay! Definitely an
upcoming projekt of mine!)


  1. May I ask why you suddenly started to write in English? Is it to reach more people? ;)
    Anyway, It was fantastic yesterday and I had lots of fun to and than you for showing us how to use (paint) with Distress ink refills. Now I must get some and some clear stamps :)

    1. Oh Diana, you stupid Swedish girl who makes me answer this in English!! ; )
      I have wanted to start a blog for a long time because I'm so impressed by all bloggers and their creativity and I wanted to be a part of that community. I couldn´t decide wether to blog about rubber stamping and/or other crafts, pelargoniums and/or all my plants or my life (my home and my pets), so I decided to blog about everything!
      I mostly read English web sites/blogs/magazines and I participate in English challenges and therefore I decided to write about rubber stamping in English. BUT, it takes a whole lot longer of course, so the rest is written in Swedish! Unless I feel like practising my English!
      It was great to meet you all this weekend and I'm so glad we found a new date so soon!

    2. ..och jag är helt värdelös på att skriva på engelska så här kommer några svenska rader :P Sån himla smart ide att sätta ATC:na i dom där "kort-hållarna" eller vad dom heter. Det gav mig en ide att kanske införskaffa en rätt lång tavel-list/tavel-hylla och sätta i min scrap-vrå och sånadär hållare och ställa upp på hyllan med massa ATC!
      Angående fimo-leran så har jag gjort såå mycket med den, prinsesstårtor, munkar, cupcakes, polkagrisstänger, kanelbullar, glassar..ja allt! Och det är så himla kul! (Självklart har det blivit även en och annan hello kitty också ;P) Ha det fint nu så ses vi snart, det ska bli så kul! / Millan


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