Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Life Book 2014 - week 29

Life Book 2014 - Week 29 - You Diva! with Marieke Blokland

This was another great lesson in Life Book 2014. I just love the art of Marieke Blokland. She seems like such a sweet and wonderful person. She let us know that she had been redundant from her daytime job and that she will concentrate on teaching art. Good decision! Have a look at Bloknote Academy!

And just as always, this was what I needed right now. "Today is today, the past is in the past", what a great reminder. I had a bad day yesterday and this wonderful lesson lifted me up.

I got stuck on another lesson because I didn't have any good color for painting flesh. Mixing three or more colors to get a somewhat natural color of the flesh made me bored. It was also a nuisance to continue on the painting the day after.  I recently bought a color that I was recommended and I was so excited to finally be able to paint faces without the prior mixing! But when I tried to paint with it on this face it didn't blend at all with the rest of the colors, it was so ..."oily". Yep. I had bought oil color...

"Today is today, the past is in the past".

Sometimes my phone takes photos in this way
out of it self. I liked this one!

Traditional Craft paint: gipsy pink, flesh tone, sky blue
Panduro acrylics: vermillion, orange yellow, primary yellow, titanium White
White Posca
Staedtler pigment liner
CKS super chalk in blue and yellow
Ink and dip pen
Graphite pen
Neocolor II in blue
Scrapbook papers

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